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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Crochet Coral Reef Project Publishing a Coffee Table Book

This just in from the IFF on their latest adventure!

"Eight years, five continents, and over 7000 contributors in the making, the Crochet Coral Reef project is ready for a book. Now at last we’ll have an explanation of all the scientific, mathematical and environmental concepts inherent in the project available in one place, along with a large selection of the beautiful photos we’ve taken of its many installations and exhibitions over the years. Very importantly, the book will celebrate ALL the people who have been involved in this collective aesthetic experiment. All 7000+ contributors to all the Crochet Reefs around the world will be named in the book in a specially designed chapter that will constitute an artwork in itself.

In order to fund the production of the book, we are pre-selling copies of the book via Kickstarter. Your contribution of $55 or more assures you a signed, numbered, first edition. We plan to deliver the books in October 2014. If you or a loved one appreciates this unique aesthetic fusion of marine biology, math, craft, and community art practice, support our Kickstarter campaign and order your copy now:

They say they may use some pictures from the Maine Reef and ALL of our contributors are supposed to be named in their book...... Should be an awesome book!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Did you miss Maine's award winning Crochet Reef on exhibit in The Fiber Center during the 2012 fair? If so, you're getting a second chance to see this spectacular art installation during this year's fair. Don't miss it!

The Fiber Center will again feature the Maine Crochet Reef Project installation. More than 150 individuals contributed more than 900 pieces that make up the Maine Reef!

Come on by during fair week from 9am - 9pm September 29th - October 5th and October 6th from 9-6pm. 

And don't forget to LOOK UP!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maine Reef Contributor to Show at Annual Smithsonian Craft Show 2013

Stephanie Crossman of Vinalhaven, Maine was a contributing artist to the Maine Reef Project. She describes her work on the Maine Crafts Guild website like this:

"I do traditional knotted netting, otherwise known as fishnetting. By using contemporary fibers, I have stretched the boundaries of netting, but still use antique tools passed to me by my husband’s great-grandmother. Each knot is put in by hand and many pieces are hand-dyed and sewn. I continue to connect the past with the present and have recently started doing sculpture with netting. I enjoy keeping this utilitarian craft alive in  traditional and original contemporary forms."

Stephanie's work has now been chosen to show at the Annual Smithsonian Craft Show; A juried Show and Sale of American Fine Craft which runs April 25th- 28th, 2013 at the National Building Museum. for more info about the show visit the Smithsonian site here. And visit Stephanie's write up about her work on the Smithsonian site here. This is her own website where you can see more photos of her work.

This lovely jelly is the piece that Stephanie created and donated for the Maine Reef Exhibition.

Congrats Stephanie & good luck!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maine Reef Project Receives Award

Fryeburg Fair President accepting the Award

Each year the Maine Agricultural Fair Association presents the 'Outstanding Large Fair Award' and this year it went to Fyeburg Fairs' Fiber Center for "their unique Coral Reef Exhibit". 


Fryeburg Fair President Roy Andrews accepted the award on our behalf and called me with the news. Needless to say I was thrilled to hear that all of the time and effort that the 150 plus people put into creating the more than 900 pieces that make up the reef have been recognized for all of the hard work!.

Mr. Andrews remarked that this is a prestigious award and one to be proud of. He thanked us for our efforts and job well done adding that some important people in the Maine Agricultural scene took notice of what we had done!

It should be noted that Roy Andrews deserves credit for having the foresight long ago that Fiber is an integral part of Maine agricultural and should be properly represented at Maine's largest agricultural fair. It is because of him that we enjoy the largest Fiber specific exhibition hall in New England!

THANK YOU ROY, for believing in us and supporting us all along the way. This award would not have been possible without your confidence and support, for building our Fiber Center all those years ago, and the continued support from the fair which made creating the Maine Reef possible. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maine Reef Exhibition Report

I've just returned home after a month away to manage The Fiber Center Exhibition and programs at Fryeburg Fair, and of course to see the last stages of the Maine Reef Exhibition to fruition. Now, I am finally sitting at my computer and sharing the outcome with you! PHEW! It was a long time coming but I couldn't be happier with the result!

 In the end more than 150 people contributed work to the tune of more than 900 pieces!

Note: All photos are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission 

The Exhibition was a smash hit! Although we experienced a week of rainy weather and lower than usual attendance as a result, comments about the Maine Reef Exhibit abounded.

Our comment book entries included:

"Amazing!" "Awesome!" "Very Impressive!" "Incredible!""Wonderful!" "Beautiful!" Absolutely Stunning!" " A Truly Wondrous Collaboration!" "Well Done!" "WOW!" "I am Speechless!" "Breathtaking!" " Love It!"

And these statements about the Maine Reef Project from:

  • Contributor Tamalie Paradis of Sarasota, FL - " Really Amazing. Not at all displayed as I expected - FANTASTIC!"
  • B. Evans - "This is so creative and beautiful it needs to travel!"
  • Brenda Downs - " I've been looking forward to this all year! Well Done!"
  • Betty Landry - " The Reef Project; The BEST of the fair!"
  • Anonymous - I'm no craftsperson but this work is AMAZING!"
  • Anonynous - "One of the most beautiful exhibits in the world, EVER!"
Well my head will be reeling for a while after this and as I left the Fiber Center my head barely fit through the door! :-) 

We were lucky enough to have a great article written about the project by Jaime McLeod in the Sun Journal. Thanks for a great job Jaime.

I also owe a HUGE THANKS to everyone of you who made pieces and helped with the installation. I offer a special thanks to behind the scenes supporter, Maine Artist and Metalsmith Ann Thompson for all of her tireless efforts. You were my rock Ann! I couldn't have done it without you!

Now that the event is over, the Maine Reef is available for exhibition in other venues. Should anyone be interested in showing The Maine Reef Project, please contact me.

To learn more about The Fiber Center's new Fiber Art Project for the 2013 exhibition, Be sure to visit the Maine Mitten Project Blog to see how you can participate!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spindleworks Fiber Artists Submitted work for the Maine Reef Project

"Handicap, i heard of it, 
but i aint got it now."

This week we received contributions from Fiber Artists from Spindleworks for our Reef Project. An AMAZING group of creative folks with an attitude we can all benefit from!

"Spindleworks is a non profit art center for adults with disabilities and a program of the Independence Association of Brunswick Maine, whose mission is to help children and adults with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives in their chosen community. Artists in the Spindleworks program come from surrounding communities including Bath, Topsham, Bowdoinham, Portland, Westbrook, Auburn, Lisbon Falls, Richmond, and Freeport."
Contributing artists included:

Catherine Worthington
Maureen Block
Barbara Carter
Jennifer Beaven
Madeline Gielow
Katherine Harmon Harding
Angie Devenney

Thank you all for your great work ladies!

You bring our contributor count up to 102! Yay!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maine Reef Project Exhibition to Open in 19 Days

We're down to the wire now! YIKES!

Less than three weeks to show time and 21 months from inception. Hard to believe it's almost here! What WILL I do with myself :-)

In case you are interested...... The next Fiber Center Project will be The Maine Mitten Project - Kind Souls making Mittens, Hats and Scarfs for Maine's Homeless Children. Families and Adults. Learn more about it HERE.

So we are down to the last pictures of new work and brings our number of contributors to 95 but we know of more coming our way including some things from Spindleworks in Portland!
Yay Spindleworks! Can't wait to see what you guys made.

From Jennifer Owen of Kennebunk, Me

From Faye Schwartz of Saco, Me, these Lovely Sea Horses
Jelly Fish

Base Rock with Coraline Algae and Plate Coral

This piece stands nearly 3' tall!