This project made possible by funding from The West Oxford Agricultural Society ~ presenter of The Fryeburg Fair


1. How Can I Help?
Create -
This project will be as large or small as our crafters and artisans make it. So, the most important thing that you can do is to CREATE :-) Given the potential size and scope of  our Maine Reef we will be accepting donations of work from everyone who is willing to contribute completed elements including beginners work.

Donate - 
  • YARN - We will be accepting any and all yarn donations. In our effort to have as many people participate in this project as possible, donated yarns will be passed on to anyone who would like to make something for the reef but who perhaps does not have the funds during these difficult times to purchase yarn. 
  • HOOKS - Perhaps you now of someone who is no longer interested in or able to use their crochet hooks. Any donated hooks will be used for workshops and be passed on to anyone in need of a hook to participate.
  • TIME - There will be volunteer opportunities for people interested in helping with the Maine Reef efforts. 
Sponsor - 
  • A Private Workshop - Anyone interested in sponsoring a private workshop for family, friends, or group in your home or venue of choice can contact us. We have a list of experienced crocheters who love to share their passion and can get you started while having fun as you learn  or brush up your crochet skills.
  • School Groups - The IFF provides a Teacher's Kit lesson plan and educational materials that combines the teaching of crochet, math, science and ecology for a classroom setting. Cost of the Lesson plan is $250 per class of up to 25 students. Sponsor your child's class or organize a group of parents to support a class so that school children can participate in this educational opportunity and have their work be a part of this International project and displayed right here in Maine!   (the IFF has been known to give discounts for multiple classes participation)
  •  Guest Lecture and Workshop by Crochet Reef creators Margaret or Christine Wertheim 
             of the IFF - Lecture and workshop fees are $3000 plus travel and accommodation expenses.
             Visit Workshops and Lectures to learn more about what they can offer.
2. Are there any rules for creating?
The beauty of this project is that it allows for complete freedom to create. There are no mistakes! Experiment and have fun! Work of any size, color and configuration, made from any fiber will be accepted. All fiber art forms will be accepted. The only guidelines that we require are as follows. 
  • Pieces should be tied off and not unraveling
  • All ends should be woven in
  • Pieces should be free from moths and bad odors
  • Work must be relevant to the ocean and or it's conservation in some way
  • We do reserve the right to reject pieces that we find inappropriate in any way
3. I don't know how to crochet. When and where can I learn?
We will be offering crochet classes and workshops in various venues leading up to the exhibition. Check our blog regularly for updates and new workshop offerings. If you have a group that is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us.

4. How do I submit my finished piece(s)?
Any finished work can be dropped off at the Fiber Center, Fryeburg Fair during fair week October 3 - 10, 2011. Please include your name, city and state and contact phone number should we have to contact you for any reason.

Other Drop locations will be posted along with a mailing address soon. Contact us if you want more information.

5. Do I need to let you know I want to participate?
It isn't necessary for you to let us know if you will be submitting pieces for the reef. However, we do ask that if you are accumulating a large number of pieces to please let us know. This will give us some idea of the scope of participation so that we can plan accordingly. 
Additionally, we encourage you to email us with your progress, send us photos of your work and of what may have inspired your creation so that we can include it here on the blog as part of our updates.

6. How will you be recognizing those who participate?
Unless someone makes a request to not be recognized for their efforts, all donors will be added to the "contributors" page on this blog.

7. What happens to my piece after the exhibit at the Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair 2012?
All donations of work will become a part of the Maine Reef and the property of the Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair. It is our hope that our reef will be exhibited in other locations throughout the state. The Maine Reef will be used in it's entirety or in parts for future exhibitions.

8. What if I have a prized specimen piece that I would like to show but not donate?
All work being used in the exhibit will be considered donations. However, we do understand that an artist may have a special piece of appropriate fiber art that is too valuable to them to donate. If you have a piece that you feel we might consider using as a feature in our exhibit, please contact us for more information and possible consideration. Any item falling into this category will be exclusively at our discretion and subject to specific guidelines for the initial exhibit at Fryeburg Fair and possible future exhibits including but not limited to delivery, pick up and release of liability.

9. Is my donation of materials, pieces or sponsorship of a class tax deductible? 
The IFF is a registered charitable organization so any funds donated to sponsor a workshop and or lecture given by the IFF at an institute of higher learning or to sponsor a school group lesson plan to bring the Maine Reef into their curriculum, is a tax deductible donation.

All donations of yarns and materials to help produce the Maine Reef will be considered a donation to the West Oxford Agricultural Society ( presenters of the Fryeburg Fair). They too are a registered charitable organization so all donations will be tax deductible.