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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joanne WEB EXCLUSIVE Yarn Sale!

Thought some of you might like to know that Joanne Fabric has a WEB EXCLUSIVE YARN SALE at 25% off through Saturday.

They also offer 15% discount to all teachers. Just sign up on line!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Links to Knitting Patterns for the Maine Crochet Reef

Just got an email from Joan, an avid knitter with some great new links to knit patterns for the reef project. Thanks Joan!

Here they are:
Hyperbolic Knitting (Fuzzy Math)

Francis the Fish by Lion Brand


Lion Brand Octopus

Another Octopus at Craftsters.org

Squiddy from Berroco Yarns

Happy knitting!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reef Pieces Beginning to Roll In!

Last week we began to see activity in our mailbox! Yeah!

Thanks to Kramer of Sydney, ME and Linda Larson of Wolfeboro, NH who sent in their creations to contribute to the reef.

Keep them coming folks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UNE Maine Crochet Class brings Dean's from both Locations

Tuesday October 18th brought the last in a series of crochet classes to support participation in the Maine Crochet Reef Project to the UNE, Biddeford campus. Beginners and experienced crocheters participated with enthusiasm including some children, students, faculty members along with Dean's from both the Biddeford and Portland campuses.
It is a privilege to have UNE Biddeford on board and we are in process of organizing workshops for the Portland Campus. Check back for upcoming postings.
Thanks to Sarah Gorham for initiating and organizing  the crochet workshops. Sarah will also be organizing group "sit ins" for students faculty and friends to gather several times a month to create pieces for the reef now that they have learned to crochet. Watch for listings on our calendar as soon as they are announced.

UNE Biddeford has also announced that they will be a drop location for anyone who has pieces, yarn or hooks to donate. Donations of work and supplies can be dropped off at the Fine Arts Department to Sarah Gorham's attention.

Some happy students!

Here is the start of the UNE reef contributions! YEAH!

Let's help it grow! Happy creating!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"The Silent Evolution"

 An Amazing attempt to help the 2nd largest reef in the world survive!

"The Silent evolution" an underwater museum called MUSA, or Museo Subacu├ítico de Arte. Scroll down for a great video of the project.

Don't miss this article from National Geographic. It's a truly wonderful underwater exhibition!

Crochet Reef Patterns for Knitters!

Well  it has just come to my attention that I have been neglecting the knitters out there! And we all know that there are too many of you to ignore :-) We want you and we need you.

So, here are some links to some patterns to get you going..... I found all of these links to published free web patterns on Ravelry.com

Check them out and have fun! Watch the patterns pages for additions as they come available to me.


Iridigoria coral found in the North Atlantic: 

Sea Anemone: 

Coral Shapes:

Sea Turtle:

Really Cute Crab:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

University of New England Hosting Mathmetician and Hyperbolic Crocheter Daina Taimina

University of New England's Coalition for Creative Culture is presenting a lecture by Dr. Daina Tamina. This DO NOT MISS event is free and open to any and all. Please RSVP to the address below to reserve a spot now!

Friday Nov. 4, 12-1 p.m. - Dr. Daina Taimina, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, will present her lecture "From Mathematics to Fiber Art"
in the Multipurpose Rooms in the Campus Center followed by a booksigning of her newest book: Crocheting Adventures with Hyberbolic Planes, AK Peters, 2009. Website
Dr. Taimina's lecture is sponsored by The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Coalition for Creative Culture. The Coalition for Creative Culture is sponsored by the Deans' Offices of CAS, WCHP, the Provost's Office, and the Department of Creative and Fine Arts.

This event is FREE and OPEN to all UNE faculty, staff and students, and community members.
Email Sarah Gorham sgorham@une.edu to RSVP

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fryeburg Fair 2011 Reef Report

The 2011 Fryeburg Fair has come and gone launching a long line of new Maine Crochet reef enthusiasts!

During this year's fair the Fiber Center promoted the reef project to everyone they could. Jan Winsor, Val Sullivan, Rindy O'Brien and I enthusiastically demonstrated crochet sea shapes and hyperbolic curves and shared information about the reef and encouraged people to create pieces to contribute to the community effort.

Many pattern flyers were handed out along with drop and mail to locations.The  most important message was that "there are NO mistakes and that all pieces that are received will be used as long as they are not unraveling". The Maine Crochet Coral Reef Project will only be as large as our contributors make it. The mix of enthusiasts range from beginners who will contribute basic patterns and shapes to fiber artists contributing  pieces of free from art. We need any and all contributions. So, I look forward to all of you who are inspired to send us some of your work.

Few that we talked to were uninterested and even if someone was not a crocheter or knitter, they still showed their support and enthusiasm by expressing how anxious they are to see the installation at next year's fair.

Before the week was up, we had inspired several crocheters to immediately begin creating. One woman camping at the fair from N. Branford, Ct., returned on Saturday evening with a small collection of pieces that she had already created during fair week with intentions of "cranking more out" after the first of the year. Another from Cape Elizabeth, who was introduced to the reef project on Saturday sat with me and created a piece while there and returned on Sunday with another lovely piece that she had created from a  yellow plastic twine she had picked up at Lowe's. So,the Reef has begun to grow not only in spirit but in size as fair attendees and Fiber Center demonstrators turned in some of their work.
Beautiful stuff!
Keep the work coming!