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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Pattern Link for Sea Anemone

Here's a new one for you!

A lovely little sea anemone pattern courtesy of takosan.pl. which I found on Ravelry.com.

Try it out! Only 3 months left before contribution deadline!

Get hookin' :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Green Coral for the Maine Reef Project

Finally!!! I have been working on this piece for months!  I LOVE how this turned out but it was a bit boring to make:-) Each stem is a piece of pipe cleaner that I crocheted around and finished off with 3 or 4 petals. I was only up to making 6-9 stems in anyone session and I haven't counted but there have to be hundreds on this piece.....

Check out my Pinterest posting to see the photo that inspired this piece!

Now it's time to move on to another creation. What shall it be? Check back to find out!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wire & Fiber Sea Gull for the Maine Reef Project

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!

Yesterday I decided to play with some wire and fiber inspired by a project I did with children while living in Bermuda.

I have visions of a large flock of these guys adorning the sky at our exhibition mostly made by children. We'll see!

If anyone has a group of children looking for a summer project, be in touch and I will forward you my lesson plan. The project can be done by children as young as 5 with assistance.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maine Reef Contributions Continue to Arrive!

A package came from Sarasota, Florida from Tamalie Paradis. Thank you for your lovely specimen Tamalie!

This next one includes several of my last efforts. The curled pieces are done with novelty donated yarns using the hyperbolic plane pattern. The pink has one increase in 6, the green has 1 in 5 and the turquoise one has 1 increase in 8. The polyps began with a magic circle with 10 sc in the center of. I then chained 10 and sc in ea ch from the hook and sl st to the circle. I attached white yarn to the underside by sl st around, then sc around to desired length/height.

The Turquoise spiral pieces were inspired by coral polyps and the following photo found here

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reef Installation Workdays Scheduled for July

The Reef Installation process and final hardscape design will be taking place the weekend of July 8th at the Fryeburg Fair Fiber Center. A core group of very talented fiber artists will be gathering to discuss the design and will begin creating the infrastructure that will be the core of our exhibition.

Creative juices have been flowing and a wooly cave has been designed and made by Ashley Cornell which will be delivered to the Fiber Center by her mom Karen over the work weekend. I can not wait to see it! A trusty group of folks will add to that and create wooly limetone rock formations that will be the foundation of our exhibition, holding the creative work that all of you send us in a cohesive display.

Although I have a clear idea in my mind as to what this will look like, let it suffice to say that what I know for sure is that when you enter the Fiber Center during fair week beginning on September 30th, 2012, you will be looking up at a slice of the ocean created by the many volunteers who continue to give time and create for our efforts.

One piece can make a difference! Make one now and be part of this amazing project!

Anyone wishing to participate in the creative work days should contact me through this website. Projects will be assigned based on skills and interest. Perhaps you just want to come a crochet to soak up the enthusiasm and good vibes! Whatever your passion is, our collective creative minds can inspire each other and encourage great energy to come into play. So join us!

New Contributions to the Maine Reef Effort

All-righty then! How very exciting!

There have been some busy folks and we are grateful! Thank you!

As you know, the reef can and will only be as big as YOU make it!
Be inspired! Share your creative abilities and join this community effort to create the best Satellite Hyperbolic Crochet Reef the IFF and the world has ever seen yet!

In this week from:
Lynette DuBois, Industry, Maine
Marilyn Taylor, Scarborough, Maine
Linda Labbe - contributed to the drop off at UNE

Here are some pics!

Mini Reeflet by Linda Labbe 

Box of goodies from Lynette DuBois

Love this! From Lynette DuBois
Here is a link to a Hyacinth pattern which she adapted to to make these lovelies.

Lynette DuBois

Lynette Dubois

Lynette DuBois

Lynette DuBois

Marilyn Taylor

Lynette DuBois

Lynette DuBois

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deadline for Submission Only 4 Months Away!

The Maine Reef creation is well under way and the countdown for submitting your contributions has begun!

Maine Reef Contribution Deadline Counts Down with ONLY 4 MONTHS LEFT for you to create your contributions and send them in. OMG! Where has the time gone!

It just doesn't seem possible that a year ago this month we secured the West Oxford Agricultural Society, presenters of the Fryeburg Fair in Maine as our sponsor, and signed our intellectual property agreement with the IFF! Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Keep the work coming and watch for an update about our Reef Workdays at the Fiber Center which is planned to be held in July.

Happy hooking!

New Maine Reef Contributions

Hot off the hooks!

We just received new contributions from Stephanie Crossman of Vinalhaven, Me. and Dean Lyons dropped a box of her creations off at the Heart of Biddeford office this week.

Thanks Stephanie & Dean!

Here they are :-)