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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maine Reef Exhibition Report

I've just returned home after a month away to manage The Fiber Center Exhibition and programs at Fryeburg Fair, and of course to see the last stages of the Maine Reef Exhibition to fruition. Now, I am finally sitting at my computer and sharing the outcome with you! PHEW! It was a long time coming but I couldn't be happier with the result!

 In the end more than 150 people contributed work to the tune of more than 900 pieces!

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The Exhibition was a smash hit! Although we experienced a week of rainy weather and lower than usual attendance as a result, comments about the Maine Reef Exhibit abounded.

Our comment book entries included:

"Amazing!" "Awesome!" "Very Impressive!" "Incredible!""Wonderful!" "Beautiful!" Absolutely Stunning!" " A Truly Wondrous Collaboration!" "Well Done!" "WOW!" "I am Speechless!" "Breathtaking!" " Love It!"

And these statements about the Maine Reef Project from:

  • Contributor Tamalie Paradis of Sarasota, FL - " Really Amazing. Not at all displayed as I expected - FANTASTIC!"
  • B. Evans - "This is so creative and beautiful it needs to travel!"
  • Brenda Downs - " I've been looking forward to this all year! Well Done!"
  • Betty Landry - " The Reef Project; The BEST of the fair!"
  • Anonymous - I'm no craftsperson but this work is AMAZING!"
  • Anonynous - "One of the most beautiful exhibits in the world, EVER!"
Well my head will be reeling for a while after this and as I left the Fiber Center my head barely fit through the door! :-) 

We were lucky enough to have a great article written about the project by Jaime McLeod in the Sun Journal. Thanks for a great job Jaime.

I also owe a HUGE THANKS to everyone of you who made pieces and helped with the installation. I offer a special thanks to behind the scenes supporter, Maine Artist and Metalsmith Ann Thompson for all of her tireless efforts. You were my rock Ann! I couldn't have done it without you!

Now that the event is over, the Maine Reef is available for exhibition in other venues. Should anyone be interested in showing The Maine Reef Project, please contact me.

To learn more about The Fiber Center's new Fiber Art Project for the 2013 exhibition, Be sure to visit the Maine Mitten Project Blog to see how you can participate!