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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Basic Crochet Pseudosphere Coral Pattern for the Maine Reef

Ok so you want to make something for the reef but, you aren't into free form crochet.
So, you want your piece to look cool and curly like coral can be?
How do you do it?


This pattern can give wonderful results simply by changing the yarn size, hook size, using multiple colors or various textures of yarn in the same piece or by simply making the piece larger. Here are some photo examples...

Choose your Yarn and Hook. If you are a beginner, worsted weight smooth yarns with a G hook will make it easier. The textured yarns are nice but can be frustrating to work with. Part of the fun of this project is that there are NO MISTAKES :-)

Have fun and experiment!
Here we go:

- Ch 4 and join to form a circle
- You may work in either sc, dc, or trc. Which ever you choose will
   give you a different look depending on your yarn and hook size       -  work 2 sc, dc OR trc in each ch of the round and continue until you
    reach your desired size
* Changing the increases in the pattern will also change the look. You can try increasing in every other st, every third st or whatever pattern of increase you want. The 2 st per st pattern gives you a pretty curly piece in pretty quick time!

The more rows you do, you will see it exponentially grow. As it does
it curls more and more. AMAZING! And that's it!

  -  Tie off your ends and weave them in.

The white sample is made with worsted weight yarn and G hook. It is the size of an apple.

The orange sample is a contribution from Amy Bertman of Highlands Ranch, CO and is also about the size of an apple and made with worsted weight yarn.

The blue multi sample was done with sock weight yarn and  I think I used a #1 hook. It is smaller than the palm of my  hand and was intended to be turned into a lapel pin or fridge magnet.

 The lilac multi was done with worsted weight yarn and trimmed with Lion Brand Homespun (hard to work with as it gets caught in my needle) using a G hook and is the largest of the pieces at about 9" across.

So go wild!
It's easy, it's fun and uses up any old stash yarn......

                                                      Recycle, repurpose, reuse :-)

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  1. I am really a knitter but wanted to try this little easy pattern. When I go around the circle, mine just turns out like a huge bowl. do you continue in the round adding the stitches to the new row?? I know I sound crazy but I just don't get it. Can you help?
    Thanks much

  2. Sorry I didn't get this until now. It will be like a bowl if you haven't done many circles. the bigger it gets the more curly it becomes. I'm guessing you just haven't made it big enough yet. It will also be more bowl like longer if you are increasing fewer than every stitch.