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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fryeburg Fair 2011 Reef Report

The 2011 Fryeburg Fair has come and gone launching a long line of new Maine Crochet reef enthusiasts!

During this year's fair the Fiber Center promoted the reef project to everyone they could. Jan Winsor, Val Sullivan, Rindy O'Brien and I enthusiastically demonstrated crochet sea shapes and hyperbolic curves and shared information about the reef and encouraged people to create pieces to contribute to the community effort.

Many pattern flyers were handed out along with drop and mail to locations.The  most important message was that "there are NO mistakes and that all pieces that are received will be used as long as they are not unraveling". The Maine Crochet Coral Reef Project will only be as large as our contributors make it. The mix of enthusiasts range from beginners who will contribute basic patterns and shapes to fiber artists contributing  pieces of free from art. We need any and all contributions. So, I look forward to all of you who are inspired to send us some of your work.

Few that we talked to were uninterested and even if someone was not a crocheter or knitter, they still showed their support and enthusiasm by expressing how anxious they are to see the installation at next year's fair.

Before the week was up, we had inspired several crocheters to immediately begin creating. One woman camping at the fair from N. Branford, Ct., returned on Saturday evening with a small collection of pieces that she had already created during fair week with intentions of "cranking more out" after the first of the year. Another from Cape Elizabeth, who was introduced to the reef project on Saturday sat with me and created a piece while there and returned on Sunday with another lovely piece that she had created from a  yellow plastic twine she had picked up at Lowe's. So,the Reef has begun to grow not only in spirit but in size as fair attendees and Fiber Center demonstrators turned in some of their work.
Beautiful stuff!
Keep the work coming!

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