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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Contributions to the Maine Reef Effort

All-righty then! How very exciting!

There have been some busy folks and we are grateful! Thank you!

As you know, the reef can and will only be as big as YOU make it!
Be inspired! Share your creative abilities and join this community effort to create the best Satellite Hyperbolic Crochet Reef the IFF and the world has ever seen yet!

In this week from:
Lynette DuBois, Industry, Maine
Marilyn Taylor, Scarborough, Maine
Linda Labbe - contributed to the drop off at UNE

Here are some pics!

Mini Reeflet by Linda Labbe 

Box of goodies from Lynette DuBois

Love this! From Lynette DuBois
Here is a link to a Hyacinth pattern which she adapted to to make these lovelies.

Lynette DuBois

Lynette Dubois

Lynette DuBois

Lynette DuBois

Marilyn Taylor

Lynette DuBois

Lynette DuBois

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