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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crochet Green Anemone Pattern

Anthopluera Xanthogrammica or the Giant Green Anemone, is a species of intertidal sea anemones, of the family Actiniidae. Go the Wikepedia links above to learn more.

I loved this bright beauty! In the wild it grows over 6" wide and can be as much as a foot tall.

Here is my version which began as a round with randomly added tentacles. I did not create a base for it which would make it look  a bit like a mushroom does but I may do that in the end.

Rnd1:   make a circle with 4 ch sts
Rnd 2:  sc 8-10 in the circle and mark the end of the rnd
Rnd 3:  2 sc in ea sc
Rnd 4:  2sc in nxt sc, sc in nxt sc. repeat around
Rnd 5:  2sc in nxt sc, sc in nxt 2sc. repeat around
Rnd 6:  2sc in nxt sc, sc in nxt 3sc. repeat around

Continue to increase the number of sc between increases until your piece is as large as you want it to be and tie off.

attach the yarn to the base using a sl st and chain 4, 5 OR 6. Then sl st the second ch from the hook and in ea remaining chain. tie off from the underside of the piece. NOTE that in hindsight, I would make the tentacles longer perhaps as much as double. That would translate to chain of 8, 10 or 12.

The tentacles are placed randomly using various lengths along the way in whatever pattern you prefer.


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