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Monday, August 13, 2012

Contributor Count Rising For the Maine Reef Project!

As of August 13th, we have 67 confirmed donors who have created for the Maine Reef!

AND, the best part is that I know of many who are contributing whose names we don't have yet! Although The Maine Reef Project is quickly coming to a close, there is still time to create and send work in. Any piece large or small will be greatly appreciated and will help us hit the 100 donor mark!

Won't you help us hit 100 donors? That's such a NICE number :-) 

 If you are mailing things in to us please send them no later than September 1st: Ann @ the Maine Reef Project, PO Box 307, Biddeford Pool, Me 04006

If you live in the area you can drop off by September 15th at these locations: 

Scarborough Library
Gorham Library
Heart of Biddeford Office, Main St, Biddeford
UNE - Biddeford Campus - office of Dean Jeanne Hey

If you live in the Fryeburg Area you can drop off at the Fiber Center, Fryeburg Fair on Wednesday, September 26th from 9am - 1pm

Can't wait to see you all and your creations at the fair!

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