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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Oceans Facing Mass Extinctions"

Global warming is a topic many believe to be a non event. How can we possibly have affected our environment to the point of reaching a critical mass point that would change our world in ways that haven't been seen for 55 million years? But the oceans are so big we say! They have always been able to flush themselves out, refresh and renew...

A group of scientists have recently met to converge the information about pollution, acidification, hypoxia, increased water temperatures and carbons accumulating in our oceans and the implications of that impact. They are in agreement that the world has seen this disaster several times in it's history and the results are catastrophic and have led to mass extinctions in the past. Their State of the Oceans report outlines their findings.
Already we are being made aware of the dying off of our coral reefs at an extremely rapid rate.
Read more about this important topic in a report featured on the PBS News Hour including video interviews.
The Maine Crochet reef project began as an answer to the annual fiber art installation in the Fiber Center at Fryeburg Fair. It has become my hope that it will also help to bring awareness to the impact that mankind is having on our environment and that in a small way our exhibit will change the way some of us impact the world we live in.

Learn how you can make small changes in your daily lives that can make a difference in our next post....

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