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Monday, August 8, 2011

Crochet Pseudoshpere Pattern for the Maine Reef

This is posting number two of basic patterns for the Maine Crochet Reef project. Just as simple as the first, and again no need for special yarn or even yardage! How great is that!

Ok so what is a psuedosphere? It's a geometric term for something that looks like the opening of a trumpet as in Lillies and other flowers. Some Coral found in the Great Barrier Reef  has a similar geometry as well and why it is included in the Crochet Reef project.

The pseudosphere on the left is turned upside down to show you the cone like tail. Each of these use the same pattern but with more frequent increases.

Choose your Materials:

YARN: Any leftover yarn made of any fiber. Acrylics will create a more rigid piece and be less expensive and although the Fiber Center usually focuses on natural fibers, the nature, size and scope of this project is allowing the use of any synthetics in addition to natural fibers. Any color can be used and feel free to change colors at any time

HOOK: I recommend using a medium sized  hook, G or H for your first attempts. Any size will work but smaller will be harder for beginners to use if using Worsted weight yarns. If you are using lighter weight yarn, you can use a smaller hook, larger if you are using heavier yarn.  Try different combinations to find what is comfortable for you.

To make the less ruffled piece on the left, follow these simple instructions:

- Chain 15
- 4 sc in the last ch 
- slip st to the 1st sc to form a ring ( you will be left with a tail hanging)
- sc in the round - sc in the next 3 sts, 2 sc in the next st, repeat until the piece is as large as you want it   
  to be. 

To make the more ruffled piece on the right:

- Begin the piece exactly as you do for the less ruffled piece .
- Once you begin to sc in the round, increase in every other stitch instead of every 4th.

That's it! Easy peasy....

The larger you make these, the more ruffled they will be. However the 2nd one will always be more ruffled than the first one. 

Feel free to experiment and use up ends of yarn by changing colors if and when you want to. But most of all, have fun!

Until next time

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  1. Im trying to make one of these as a present and I really need to see a video or something because Im not sure if I will do it right. And there is NO videos out there on it! Help! Thanks.

  2. Hi Cuttlefishy,

    Do you already know how to crochet? If not or need some help, there is a great series of crochet videos at this site


    that should be able to help you.

    You can also find the link on the patterns page here on the blog. It's the Lion Brand "how to crochet" listing.

    The psuedoshpere is a pattern that uses basic stitches so these videos should be helpful for you. There is one for chain stitch, making a circle, and single crochet, all the parts of the pseudosphere.

    Be confident and experiment. Mistakes in Hyperbolic crochet are totally ok since you don't have to worry about it fitting someone. Practice a bit and have fun!

    Happy thanksgiving to you and good luck with your crochet!