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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ravelry Knit and Crochet now has a Maine Reef Group!

New excitement is a brewin' at the Maine Reef!

Last week I contacted Michelle, the organizer for the Hawaiian Satellite Crochet Reef project to say hello and ask for tips and pointers on how she found success in creating their reef. She highly recommended that we begin a group on Ravelry. I've been a Ravelry member for years but have only ever used it for finding patterns so, I decided I'd give it a try.

THESE WOMEN ARE AWESOME! Some Maine crocheters have found us, and other members live in Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and the Hawaiian organizer Michelle has also joined us!  In a few hours we had members who were already beginning to enthusiastically create for our Maine reef. In fact, several have already mailed me some completed pieces!

Here is a FANTASTIC piece of work from Betsey who lives in Coastal Maine. The photo was taken by her friends at her Halcyon spin group.

It has been extremely inspiring and after seeing this piece very humbling to get a glimpse of what this reef will be comprised of.

I hope her work inspires you as it has inspired me! Join the Ravelry Group to see more of her photos and to get in on the Maine Reef action that's taking place there.

Thank you for sharing Betsey...

BTW, Betsey said she had not crocheted in a while and that the Maine Reef project got her going again. That can be you too :-)

Be sure to scroll down to see the most recent postings of basic patterns. After all, not all of us can do what Betsey has done, and that includes most of my work!

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