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Monday, February 13, 2012

75 Seashells, Coral, and Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet, by Jessica Polka

Thanks to all of you that have contacted me after my recent email sending you project news. It's great to hear that so many of you are getting excited! I love hearing about your own progress and enthusiasm. It helps keep me going :-)

Jane is thinking about what her contribution will be  and Chris has her 'reef' sitting in waiting to send to us! Michelle from Hawaii is contributing some pieces and they are on their way. I also heard that the UNE drop location is accumulating work from various folks in the area and Scarborough Public Library will soon become a drop location for their community as well.

We're cooking with gas now boys and girls! WOOHOO!

One of the emails came from Drucilla Beal who shared this book with me. It was just published in January 2012 so I had never heard of it. It's available from Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble on line or about $14.00. My guess is projects are small but many of you are talented enough to enlarge the patterns as necessary or to use it as inspiration for your own creature patterns :-) BUT!

Know that whatever you create in whatever size will be used, and very much appreciated!

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