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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Maine Reef will present at NETA SPA weekend in Freeport, Maine

For the first time since it began many years ago, I will be at SPA! I can not wait to see this amazing fiber gathering along with several of my Reef colleagues, Ann Thompson and Jan Windsor.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to attend and have this opportunity to share the Maine Reef Project with the many fiber folks who attend! I want to thank the SPA planners for finding a spot for us.

SPA is a FREE event. There is no need to register. You can come and go as you please throughout the weekend. This is a "mommie" time so parents are asked to leave children at home.  FMI about SPA weekend please visit here,  on Facebook and on their blog.

We will be there on Saturday February 25th from 9am - 3pm in the Harraseeket Inn Casco Bay Ballroom. They are providing a table for us where we will display some of of the completed reef pieces, patterns for folks to take away and other reef information.

Ann, Jan and I will be offering whatever information folks are interested in and creating while there hoping to inspire you to create a piece or two with your left over stash! OR, maybe you'll get hooked as we are and take this project on as a temporary passion and create a bunch of stuff.

ALL donations of completed pieces will be included in the final installation providing we receive them by September 1st. And for first time readers of our blog, the exhibition is taking place in the Fiber Center at the Fryeburg Fair beginning on October 2nd, 2012.

This is a truly amazing fiber art project, not only for it's creativity and connections to science and math through the hyperbolic shapes and environmental connections but because of it's vast potential for community. Everyone and anyone can participate and submit a piece!

Here are the rules for creating: 
There are no rules! 

Oh well maybe just one.... Have fun!

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