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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Links to Sea Creature Patterns

As I count down towards exhibition of our Maine Reef, I note that we have 7 months left. YIKES! I had slacked off a bit as I have taken time in early winter to get more settled since our move. BUT, No fear, the creative juices have begun flowing again and my nimble fingers are back to work on my newest project.... Sponges in a cluster that will stand about a foot tall. Loving it and will share it when it's done.

While looking for new inspirations on line I found a few new patterns to pass along.

The first is for knitters which is great since there seems a more limited selection of patterns out there. It is of this 'Brittle Star' which has been reviewed as anatomically correct. It's a lovely pattern that can be found  here. This picture comes from the In The Loop Website pattern page. I haven't made it so I'm not sure how large it ends up being but it uses about 25 gr of yarn.

Another entry on this same website has a pattern for this crocheted 'Sea Mouse'. Just scroll down the page to find it and for a bit more inspiration, check out the link to "Species Wish List"Blog which is from the "Ecology Action Center's Stitchin' Fish Display". There's some great info here about marine life and this project.

Thanks to In The Loop and The Ecology Action Center for these wonderful links!

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