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Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Pattern by Jessica Polka for Sculptured Fronds

One of the fruits of going to SPA was to meet Marilyn Passmore, the editor of the 75 Shells, Corals & Sea Creatures: Knit and Crochet by Jessica Polka. I decided I needed to check out Jessica Polka's blog and found some interesting things including a pattern for free form fronds/Seaweed. Check it out here .It's more of a schematic for how to free form the shapes but an easy to follow idea for anyone who knows how to crochet. I couldn't wait to try it! I have done some similar things but this explanation helped move me beyond what I was originally able to produce!

Here it is and it didn't take very long. I will want to ry this on pipe cleaners or wire. We need some verticle work so will see what I can do with that.

So many things to try!

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  1. Love this! I tried tonight, but just can't figure it put =( It looked pretty bad =(