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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maine Reef Contributions Piling up!

Sheila Christakis - N Yarmouth, Maine
Reef supporters are popping up all over the place! From Hawaii to Vermont and various locations throughout Maine our Maine reef is growing slowly and steadily. YEAH!

The most common question I am asked when out in public promoting the Maine Reef is "how big will it be?" My pat response is, "it will be as big as YOU and our other contributors make it!" So, Keep the work coming everyone and help us make this the most impressive Crochet Reef project ever! We can't do it without you!

Thank you to our most recent contributors:
Pauline Paul - Biddeford, maine
Crystal Shibles - Biddeford, Maine
Karen Wade - Standish, Maine
Hannah Kaspereen (9yrsold) - Gorham, Maine
Catherine Whitmore - So. Portland, Maine
Jane Sittnick
Shelagh Smith - Vermont
Sheila Christakis - N Yarmouth, Me

Here are some photos of the newest contributions. Enjoy!

Gale's Yellow Polyp

Catherine Whitmore - S Portland. First crochet piece ever!

Novelty yarn - SPA Needle felter from Canada
Laura Lepine - Cape Elizabeth, maine

Pauline Paul - Biddeford, Maine

Multiple unknown donors - Gorham, maine area

Gale's Zoanthids
Gale's Nudibranch

Michelle Schwengel - Hawaii

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